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Welcome to the Music School...

Looking for a fun music class?  Learning a new instrument?  Our music school has options for ALL AGES.  We have private lessons of all kinds.  We also have group classes for preschoolers (Sunrise), we have Music for Young Children (a class where parents and children learn music together and piano is the main instrument). We have additional groups for our students like Bucket Drumming, Rock Band and Musical Theatre, and we even have Art Classes!


Our student body is made up of ALL AGES, children and ADULTS alike, from beginners to accomplished musicians. Whether you are hoping to make music just for fun, or whether you are looking to prepare for graded exams, music festivals or college music auditions, we can help you in your musical endeavors.



We are taking registrations for the 2021-22 school year.  We'd love to discuss your music interests, and recommend something for you!  Call or email soon!  Or if you are ready to go ahead and register, use the "register" tab.

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