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Art faculty-level of teaching in Leduc!!

Classes modelled on what is taught in Art Schools - and reworked for children, teens and adult art amateurs

Our Art Program

Introducing a Comprehensive Foundational Art Skills program called "Look, then See" created for us by Leanne Snellen.  This is a series of beginner art classes meant to develop skills in classical art techniques.  The classes are modelled on what is taught in art schools - however, the content is re-worked for children, teens and adults!  Participants will enjoy learning and seeing their own skills develop in this structured program!


From the moment they step into the classroom, participants will be treated to a focused work environment that is set out for them; their easels, paper, tools and still life models prepped and ready.  The first 5 minutes of class time are for an introduction to the assignments of the day, either as a fun video or as a demonstration by Leanne Snellen.  Then 10 second drawings, 30 second drawings and 1 minute drawings follow, to help focus the mind and tune into the creativity of the right side of the brain.  Students will learn to tune out distraction as they then work on the age-appropriate assignments of the day.  The last 5 to 10 minutes of class are reserved for a gentle critique of the day's creations, to help students develop their own objectivity and their ability to understand the skills being developed.  Time is set aside after each class for parents to view the work of the day and ask questions of the teacher.



Our Teacher

Leanne Snellen is an emerging artist from Leduc County. She graduated from MacEwan University with a Fine Art Diploma in 2011 and then received a Bachelor of Fine Art with distinction in 2015. Keenly interested in art education, Leanne is excited about helping others to learn the classical steps of drawing and painting in a new Beginner Art Series developed for the Leduc School of Music, called "Look, then See". As well as being an artist and art teacher, Leanne works as a registered nurse, and is a dairy farm wife, mother, and grandmother.


Students are encouraged to take each class in the series.

1st Class in the series:


2nd Class in the series:


3rd Class in the series:


4th Class in the series:





Supplies are included in the cost of the course, no need to bring anything.

Art Classes are small, and are suitable for both beginners and repeat students alike.  This year, our classroom is set up with large plastic partitions, so each student has their own space to work in, and we will practice good Covid safety protocols, as set for us by our own art teacher and nurse, Leanne Snellen.

Older Group - Ages 13 +  

           Tuesday 7:00-8:15

                               75 min classes 

$150 /8-week course (Drawing, Panting, Cartooning)

$125/6-week course (Printmaking)

Younger Group - Ages 7-12

           Thursday 7:00-8:15

                               75 min classes 

$150/8-week course (Drawing, Panting, Cartooning)

$125/6-week course (Printmaking)

THE DATES for 2020-2021


          October 27- December 15 (Tues)

October 29 - December 17 (Thurs)


          December 10- February 11 (Tues)    *** Note: the dates for this 

December 11 - February 12 (Thurs)           will still be adjusted


          February 18- March 24 (Tues)       ***** Note: these dates will

February 19 - March 25 (Thurs)                  still be adjusted


          March 31  - May 26 (Tues)           ****** Note: these dates will

April 1 - May 27 (Thurs)                               still be adjusted

The Art Program...

We offer an array of art classes in the form of a series:  Drawing for 8 weeks, Painting for 8 weeks, Design & Print Making for 6 weeks and Cartooning for 8 weeks. 
It is recommended to take each course as a series, as the skills learned are designed to be layered from one course to the next. It is potentially possible to take only one class instead of all, but as space is limited, we first admit those who are doing the whole series!



Monday - Thursday: 2:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Saturday:              Closed

Sunday:                 Closed

SUMMER:              Closed, use email

Lesson Hours differ from Office Hours, and may take place anywhere between 10:00 am to 8:30 pm on weekdays, and 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays.




4703B - 53 Ave.

Leduc, AB  T9E 6Z3


Phone: (780) 986-3500