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Musical Theatre Class

Enjoy singing and acting? costumes and choreography? Want to be part of a dedicated little Musical Theatre troupe?


We place a strong focus on developing real acting skills, on healthy singing, and good repertoire. We tailor our class show to suit the individual needs of the cast members.  This means the teachers create our own show each year, and as we do so, we consider what would benefit each participant in terms of the dialogue, monologue, solo and ensemble numbers.  We place a high value on creating a supportive and inclusive team environment.


      Thursdays 5:15-6:45  -Ages 7-12 

      Thursdays 7:15-8:45 -Ages 12-17

  • We meet potential class participants first before admitting them to the class.  We are looking for participants who function well in a class setting, are respectful, cooperative and are good, positive team members.  Call the office to set up your meeting with Maggie or Emily.  Be prepared to sing and read dialogue at this meeting.  (Students who are already known to us do not need to set up a meeting.)

  • Cost: $100/month. (September is pro-rated, class begins in 3rd week of September)

  • The younger class production is in May, the older class production is in June.

  • 1 and 1/2 hour long classes

  • Our final show tickets are $5 each

  • The first two or three classes we focus on acting skills and singing non-show specific music.  This is when the teachers are observing and listening and thinking about how to create the show and who should sing which role.  Usually around the third week, the show is "revealed" to the class and scripts and roles are handed out.

  • Our costuming and scenery are very basic, usually just things we all pool together from our own homes, or our growing school costume collection.  There is no additional cost for costumes, unless you want to go thrifting for something specific for yourself.,


2023-2024 school year.  With a great cast of 14 kids, we brought the classic musical "Annie" to the stage of the Cloverlawn Community Hall, for 2 nights. With Director Emily Slade, Choreographer Ashley Schnurer, Music Kathy Reimchen, Stage Manager Matthew Wile

2022-2023 school year:  We created a show tailormade to our cast called "Descendants - The Wand of True Power". Using Disney's evil villain characters and their teenaged children as our starting point, our singer-actors staged a 5-scene production culminating in a complex caper to obtain the Wand of True Power, and ultimately may lessons were learned! The show's writer was David Melax, and the director was Emily Slade.

2019-20 school year:  This year's production was called 'Lessons from Childhood', and was completely charming, but was unfortunately suspended due to Covid, so that we never go to see its performance!!  'Lessons from Childhood' featured a tailor-made script and music from How to Eat Like a Child  and other sources.  Since parents have completely forgotten what childhood is like, they need lessons on regaining the spontaneity of their kids!  


2018-19 school year:  We put on The Wizard of Oz!  This was a large-scale operation for us, with a projected backdrop and way more costuming than we have done in the past; but it was also a great deal of fun.  We had a cast of 13 girls this year, and many adults involved in helping with stage direction, dance choreography, costume creation and stage management.

2017-18 school year:  The Tale of the Ugly Duckling-- a musical adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen story The Ugly Duckling, incorporating music from the musical Honk! plus other select pieces of music, so that each student had something good to sing.  With a whole world of animal characters, there was a lot of dialogue and character development for the cast of 9 girls in this production.  The show's writer and director was Magdalena Melax.

2016-17 school year:  It's a Dog's Life, Charlie Brown -- a compilation of dialogue and music woven together especially for our class participants, from the two musicals Snoopy! and You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  With their mastery of dialogue, character, vocal solos and group numbers, our class did a fabulous job of bringing the famous gang to life!  A cast of 6 girls also sang a group number in the local Music Festival.  The show's director for this year was Carla Thompson.

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