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Rock Band Class

Rock Band Classes

Classes are 90 minutes long weekly 



Students enrolled in private lessons with us, and who have had at least one year of lessons in their instrument (guitar, drums, piano, violin, voice) are eligible to sign up for a place in our ROCK BAND CLASSES.

Students are grouped into bands, and prepare music for recitals, local shows and for adjudication in the Leduc Music Festival. 

Our Rock Band classes are taught by our teachers who are professional touring and recording musicians.  ​

Rock Band Class will be available in three semesters.  Students may be re-arranged into new bands with new semesters.  

Semester 1:  October-January

Semester 2:  February- May

For summer rock bands, see "Summer Programs" 

The semester 2 Rock Band Classes will rehearse for, and can participate in the Leduc Music Festival in April. 

Band 1 Scott's band

(Day and time slot for 2023-24 TBA)

Band 2 Neal's band

(Sunday aafternoon for 2023-24 )

Band 3 Cormac's band

(Sunday afternoon for 2023-24 )

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