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· An annual registration fee of $25 per student to a maximum of $50 per family is non-refundable and is collected upon registration. It is pro-rated to $12.50 for those who begin lessons in March, April, May, and June. Students beginning in those months who wish to carry on in the fall, would re-register in September and pay the annual $25 registration fee.
· Withdrawal from lessons requires completion of a withdrawal slip to be filled out at the music school and must be made 30 days in advance of leaving lessons. This is your courtesy to the teacher, and enables us to fill your spot for the following month. Withdrawal slips are available at the front desk. You will still be charged for the 30 days after you sign the withdrawal slip, and after the 30 days, your withdrawal is complete. You are welcome to attend those lessons during the 30 day period, since you are still paying for them.
· Lesson fees are $28 for every half-hour lesson. Instead of paying $112 for each month that has 4 weeks, $84 each month that has 3 weeks (Dec), $140 each month that has 5 weeks (May), and $56 in June (2 weeks), we average your lessons fees to be $105 each month, including June. Please take a moment to understand this process: June has 2 weeks of lessons, yet because of the process of averaging costs over all the previous months, we still collect a full $105 in June.  Or another example, December usually has 3 weeks of lessons, yet because of the process of averaging costs over all the other months, we still collect a full $105 in December.
· We offer a –10% discount for a nuclear family enrolled in 3 or more of either private lessons or MYC classes.
· We offer a –5% discount for families who pre-pay for the entire upcoming year, but only when they register and pay somewhere between May 15 and September 30th.
· We offer a discount to Monday students as they do not have lessons on statutory holidays. The amount of this discount will vary depending on when you begin lessons and how many of these missed Mondays are left. We will reduce the overall cost by $28 for each holiday Monday. We still have lessons on long weekend Fridays and Saturdays.

· Lesson fees are paid by pre-authorized debit from your bank account, or we can accept post-dated cheques (written out at registration time for the entire school year), or lump sum payments (paid at time of registration). Month-by-month payment for lessons by debit card is only an option in the rarest of cases, normally reserved only for adult students with rotating work schedules.
· We can take payment by debit card for books, miscellaneous fees, Pups, Sunrise or Art classes.
· There is a 4% surcharge on any payment by credit card.
· In the event that a cheque or payment is returned NSF (non-sufficient funds), you will be billed a $25.00 NSF service charge.
· There are no monetary refunds or credits for lessons which students miss. · We do not make up lessons missed by a student. · We do make up lessons which the teacher misses. If a teacher ever misses, we will arrange to reschedule that lesson, or we will arrange to have a substitute teacher fill in during his or her absence.
· We follow the Black Gold School Division calendar for the holidays of Christmas, Easter and Spring Break. We do have lessons on school PD days.
· Leduc School of Music brings in the music and theory books which a student may need throughout the year, and these books are then invoiced to the students. Payment for those books will be taken by pre-authorized debit, unless you make other arrangments with us.  The same process goes for other miscellaneous fees such as Music Festival fees.

The School Year
Music for Young Children® (MYC) runs all year from September to end of May or early June. We will have 34 weeks of classes and at least one formal recital (June) and one special event-activity-fun day or class party (Dec).
Registration / Materials Fee
Families register for MYC by paying for the cost of materials. Materials your child will receive will be: a high-quality nylon carrying bag for all the materials, a music book which includes all the music needed for the year, a magnet board with a keyboard on one side, and a staff on the other and magnets, a castanet (small rhythm instrument), a sticker and homework book, for keeping track of all homework and for collecting practice stickers, and a parent handbook. The cost of the materials vary by age level. You are not “registered” until the materials fee is paid. For first year students (level 1 classes), there is now an option to pay this registration/materials fee in three installments.
Monthly Lesson Fees
The tuition for the entire year is $850. We take that as 10 payments of $85 from September to June. Note that each month’s fee is the same, whether or not the month is a shorter or longer month. Payment is made by Pre-Authorized Debit, or by 10 post-dated cheques, or by lump sum paid at the start of the year
Insufficient Funds
In the event that a Pre-Authorized payment is declined, you will be billed a $25 NSF service charge. 
Parent Involvement & Practice
Music for Young Children® is a family commitment, as one parent will accompany their child to class each week for the hour-long class. As well, we need that parent to practice with their child at home. Each week in class, we award reward stickers for practicing and for playing pieces, and we will try to encourage you in your practice efforts at home. In their first year, Sunshines (ages 3 1/2 to 4) will be aiming for 5 minutes of practice per day for 5 days a week. Sunbeams (ages 5 and 6) will be aiming for 5 to 10 minutes of practice per day for 5 days a week. And Moonbeams (ages 7 to 8) will be aiming for 10 minutes to start, going up to 15 to 20 minutes of practice per day for 5 days a week. Non-piano practice, that is, rhythm bags, magnet board or homework pages, are also considered practice time, particularly for the younger Level 1 classes.
Withdrawing from Lessons before the Start of Class
If you must withdraw from the class before the first class even starts, your Start Up cost (registration and materials) will be returned to you minus $15 for our shipping and handling costs of ordering and then returning your unused materials.
Withdrawing from Classes during the year
We want to make sure that your experience here is the best possible. If you or your child are having difficulty, please speak with us. Together, we would develop a plan to address motivation, practice, or other problems and to help you to have a successful and enjoyable year. However, we understand that there may be circumstances where lessons may need to be terminated. If you withdraw from class, we would like a 30-day notice, and we will still collect the monthly fee of $85 for the month in which you made the decision to withdraw. 
Missed Lessons
There are no refunds or credits for classes which students miss. 
Lessons Missed by the Teacher
In the event that your teacher must miss a lesson, we will either: arrange with parents in advance to reschedule the class, or will arrange to have a certified MYC teacher fill in as substitute, or will schedule a make-up class at a different date, or will add an extra class to the end of the year in June. In any case, we will endeavor to keep you fully informed so that you are aware of what was missed, and how it will be made up.
Video Lessons
Due to our experience with teaching group classes online due to COVID-19, it is possible that your teacher include you in the class digitally if you cannot attend physically.  We will use this as a secondary option on days when inclement weather would otherwise keep families from attending class.

No Cell Phones in Class
Class works best when parents are able to focus on their child.  We ask all parents to refrain from texting and using their cell phones in class!

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"All Other Classes" POLICIES

Sunrise, Pups, Musical Theatre, Rock Band, Art, Theory

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