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Music for Young Children® is the only child-centered music learning system that integrates keyboard, creative movement, rhythm, ear training, sight reading, music theory and composition.
  • Discover the JOY of MYC!
    Sunshines: begin age 3 ½–4
    Sunbeams: begin age 5-6
    Moonbeams: begin age 7-9

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MYC® is a multi-year program. Students in their final year, may choose to finish the program by taking a Grade 1 Conservatory Piano exam, and a Basic Theory exam.  They are well prepared to move to private lessons, school band/orchestra, or new instruments.

How do young children learn to read music? ... with stories ofcourse!  Our stories and songs about the Critters on Keyboard Street ensure that children know exactly who is who on the keyboard, and more stories and games have them knowing exactly where those notes are on the staff!  This is the MYC® way.





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