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is now a part of Registration

We will be asking you to sign a "CONSENT TO USE OF IMAGE" form as part of your registration.

It is our hope that students and parents of students would enjoy seeing and sharing a short video clip of their child performing on their instrument periodically throughout the year.  Or, perhaps a photo of their child and teacher taken at lesson time.

We will only be using those images and/or audio/video of the students for whom we have a Yes on the consent form.

We would use this for the purpose of sharing to our Facebook page and Instagram account.  The goal is to show off our talented students and to spread the word that wonderful music making takes place here!

How to Register

See Policies, Prices and Schedules,

all found under the "Register" tab!

1. Register by contacting the office.


We like to match students up with the right teacher or class for them, and this is best done by having a conversation with you and recommending the best choice for your needs.  Registration begins first with a conversation!


2. Then, use the following form.


3. Stay in touch with us through email or phone to get all the details of your registration, including payment, finalized.



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