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HOW DID WE GET OUR OWN SAFETY PROTOCOLS ? Lucky us.  We have the right person on staff to tell us how to implement our own Leduc School of Music coronavirus safety protocols.  I include her biography here to show why I feel so confident in her expertise:

Leanne Snellen (Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Bachelor of Fine Arts) was up until now the lead member of a team of Covid Protocol specialists at Ponoka Hospital, meaning she went to all provincial meetings regarding Covid Protocols, and was responsible for interpreting the protocols put out by Alberta Health specifically for implementation at the Ponoka Hospital.  Sometimes the protocols would change daily, and Leanne would have to adjust the hospital's response daily.  She also trained the Dietary staff, the Environmental Services staff, the Lab staff, the Occupational and Physical Therapists and some Physicians on how to follow Covid protocols, especially as related to how to use their PPE properly.  Leanne has just left this fast-paced position in order to check off something on her bucket list.  She is very excited to be moving to a new job as a Clinical Instructor in the nursing program at Grant MacEwan College, which starts in September.  Leanne continues to be our Art Instructor as well.



CORONAVIRUS SAFETY PROTOCOLS at the music school as set for us by Leanne Snellen:


1. Masks are mandatory. 

We require everyone in the music school to wear a mask.

This currently does mean kids in the K to Grade 3 age group as well.

2.  Upon entering:

Students will wait in their cars until the start of lesson time.  Waiting area seating has been removed. 
Students come in with their masks on.  They hang their coat in the entrance way and also leave their shoes on the entrance shoe racks.

Extra items like backpacks should not be brought in, but if they are, they will be stored under the white table across from reception.

Students use the hand sanitizer in the entrance way.

Students also come with their books encased in plastic sheet protectors. 

Students then proceed to their teaching room.


3. During the lesson:
In the teaching rooms a normal lesson occurs, with both teacher and students wearing masks. 

(Singing lessons are an  exception.  Read about those later.)
In the teaching rooms, each teacher has a supply of cloth wipes and a spray bottle of either 2 to 1 water to isopropryl alcohol  OR  10 to 1 water to bleach solution. (We will use colorfast bleach.) 

Around 3 minutes before the end of lesson, teachers give their student  one sprayed cloth, and the teacher also has one sprayed cloth. 

Both teacher and student end the lesson by wiping down surfaces that were touched, plus students wipe down the plastic sheet protectors that house each of the music books. 


4. Leaving the Room:

As the student leaves the room, they still hang onto their cloth and use it when they touch items like doorknobs and the handrail. 

Downstairs students deposit that cloth into the tall white bin as they exit into waiting cars.

5. Voice Lessons:

Only Rooms 1, 4 and 8 have sufficient room for singing lessons.

Teacher and student placement is marked on the floor, they will be spaced 6 meters apart.

These rooms have at least two large plastic shields, which will be used as separation as well.

Hand sanitizer will be applied and  masks may be removed for singing,

Hand sanitizer will be applied and  masks may be put back on after singing.

The same method of wiping things down (points 3-4) applies to voice lessons.

6. Music for Young Children Group Classes:

Rooms 1 is set up for a maximum of 5 student/parent groups,

while Room 8 is set up for a maximum of 4 student/parent groups.

Large clear plastic shields and floor markings delineate the space given to each set of student/parent groups. 

They are spaced 2 meters apart.

Songs used in the MYC program may be lightly sung with masks on.

The same method of wiping things down (points 3-4) applies to MYC classes.

7. Art Classes

Room 8 is set up for a maximum of 5 art students.

Large clear plastic shields and floor markings delineate the space given to each set of student/parent groups. 

They are spaced 2 meters apart.

Art students will purchase their own kits of supplies.  These are housed in large ziploc bags, and are kept in the art room.  Students will keep those kits after the session ends.

The same method of wiping things down (points 3-4) applies to art classes.

7. Use of Washrooms

Ideally, students take their sprayed cloth given to them by the teacher, and use that cloth to touch the doorknobs as they open and close the door.

Intermittently through the day, teachers will wipe down faucets, door handles and doorknobs with their sprayed cloth.

Teachers will also spritz the sink and toilet area with one swift movement of their spray bottle.  The dispersed spray will land on surfaces and air dry in the room.

8. Suspended Classes

At the moment, we are not offering Sunrise Preschool Music classes, Musical Theater classes, Bucket Drumming and Rock Band classes.

9.  Adjustments may be necessary

We will remain flexible, and as new scientific evidence emerges, we may make changes to our Safety Protocols.



Monday - Thursday: 2:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Saturday:              Closed

Sunday:                 Closed

SUMMER:              Closed, use email

Lesson Hours differ from Office Hours, and may take place anywhere between 10:00 am to 8:30 pm on weekdays, and 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays.




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