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BIG NEWS!!! In 2022, Magdalena Melax, operating as the Leduc School of Music,

purchased Turner Guitar Studio Ltd! 

Leduc School of Music now owns the music store on mainstreet. 

It has been re-named "Leduc's Own Music Shop".

This means we have two locations 3 blocks apart! 

Leduc School of Music will administer lessons in both places.

The building on mainstreet Leduc (that's 4707 -50th Avenue) is still a store, and still a location for lessons,

and our main building (at 4703-53 Avenue) is also still used for lessons and group classes.

WANT TO REGISTER? You can begin the process of registering already by going to the "register" tab.  If you would like more information, you can type in specific questions there.  We receive all of that in our inbox.

WE OFFER both digital and in-person lessons or a combination of both - you pick which you would prefer! 


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